Small business wants to recycle

A recent study says 90% of small businesses if they had access to better facilities would recycle more. The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) study has caused calls to the Government to put more focus during the Waste Review due next week on small businesses.

The FSB said it was often times difficult for SME to access recycling services since they are not made available by local authorities for businesses, even though they are aware that minimizing waste helps both the environment and their own businesses.

Because very small amounts of wastes comparatively are produced by SME’s, they cannot take on waste management companies to handle their recycling. The Waste Review – the small business case is the FSB report that outlines steps that the Government should take to help ensure SMEs can have access to recycling and waste services.

They are requesting that DEFRA allow the SMEs to start using household recycling and waste centre. They say it would be easy and quick to implement and would be compatible for smaller businesses that usually produce very little volume of waste.

They also requested that DEFRA ensure that any refurbished or new commercial buildings have enough storage space so companies can store waste. The FSB’s environmental committee chairman David Caro said that small businesses want to do their part for the environment but need access to the correct facilities locally.

A good number of small firms only produce the waste of a normal household yet they are not allowed to use the same facilities and often find themselves at the mercy of a high priced recycling and waste market.