Small business save up to £200 on VOIP handsets

Cloudnet has a new savings program to encourage companies to use VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone systems.  Right now, if you choose Cloudnet as your Voice Over Internet Protocol provider, you can save £70 to £200 per handset.

Cloudnet will give away Siemens Cordless DECT phones or Grandstream Internet phones.  This free handset offer remains in effect pending 1 January 2011. Cloudnet Connect is especially geared for businesses that want to avoid large set up charges.  The service starts at about £8.50 each month plus calls.

The system utilizes all of the advanced business telephone utilities such as call recording, voice mail and call divert.  All phone calls inside the Cloudnet Network are free, as are branch to branch calls.  The system is Plug and Play Voice Over Internet Protocol, so there are no capital expenditures.  You get free phones, along with online PBX.  The international and national calling charges are low.

Cloudnet representatives say that in comparison to IP phones, their Voice Over Internet Protocol system, with free handsets, offers the best telecommunications options for businesses looking to reduce phone costs. Cloudnet claims to have the most cost-effective and easily installed Voice Over Internet Protocol system for small business applications.