Six new broadband packages from Vodafone aimed at SMEs

Six new broadband packages are being launched by Vodafone UK aimed at SMEs. The move is an attempt to offer a myriad of choices for customers instead of that one package does it all type of approach. They new deals all include Vodafone security for internet and a backup service on line absolutely free as the standard throughout the range including free BT Wi-Fi Openzone access in all but one of the packages.

There are two pay for what you use plans that are ideal for ad-hoc usage says Vodafone. There are contract lengths that are very flexible including 3, 12 and 24 months with all of the range. The direct packages work with any device even tablets, netbooks, laptops, Wi-Fi modems and USB modems. Those that exceed their particular data allowance and additional internet cost’s, will only pay 5p per megabyte.

Users will be able to track their date usage. Vodafone will send to the user’s PC, laptop or tablet a pop up window how much they have used of their package and if they are extra costs incurred. There is an antivirus and restore software standard on the six packages from Vodafone Backup and Restore and is good for the contract’s life.

The packages start as low as £3 per month. The entire range also includes Euro Traveller from Vodafone. Those business customers that sign a minimum of £36,50 per month are given 5GB of data each month to use in the UK and an additional 1GB per month to use in over 35 European destinations.

Mobile broadband customers in the corporate, large business or public sector segments starting from today Vodafone’s Mobile Broadband Prof. option will now contain 2GB BT Wi-Fi Openzone each month, thereby giving those business people on the move the ability to connect wherever they may be.