Shopping in Nottingham

Nottingham is one of the largest cities in the Midlands and it is most famous for being the home of the legend Robin Hood. As well as the being a lot of historical interest in the city, Nottingham is also regarded as one of the best retail centres in the whole of the UK and it has become known as having some of the most diverse shops anywhere.

Fashion is particularly popular in the centre of the city although there are numerous shopping opportunities elsewhere. You will be their will to find everything from printers in Nottingham, to designer stores such as Hugo Boss and Vivian Westwood.

Nottingham is also a very easy city to explore because it has a relatively compact city centre. Unlike other major shopping destinations in the UK such as Manchester and London, you don’t have to take public transport to get between different shopping areas. That said, if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the inner-city, then there are plenty of out-of-town shopping opportunities which you can also visit. If you are a resident of Nottingham, these provide an easy to get to shopping experience where you won’t have to worry about parking or traffic.

It is not just chain stores that are prevalent in Nottingham, but there are also many specialist shops and most of these are located in the Hockley area of the city. There are two main shopping areas in the centre of the city, one is called Broadmarsh and the other is the Victoria Centre. A slightly smaller, but more exclusive, shopping destination is the Bridlesmith Gate area, this hosts many of the city’s designer stores and is even where you will find the first Paul Smith boutique.

As you would expect in any major city in the country, Nottingham also has numerous services available as well as shops. Residents in the city will have plenty of choices if they need to go about all those everyday tasks, such as having a car repaired, or going to the dentist or doctors. There are also numerous solicitors in Nottingham which provide services to people from the surrounding area.

Whether you are a Nottingham resident, just visiting, or planning to move to the city, you will find a place that has a vibrant and extensive history. As well as this it has all the modern amenities you would expect in a city of its size.

 Article by Alan H