Sheryl Sandberg wants Facebook to outshine Google

Sheryl Sandberg seems determined to do for Facebook the same as she did so successfully for Google. When she was at Google Sandberg was the VP of global online sales and operations, and was in a role that helped to build the company’s money spinning search and advertising business. Now that she is the Chief Operating Officer for the largest social network in the world she wants to do the same at Facebook.

She has a vision that the small businesses who joined the Google advertising program will spend big bucks advertising on the social network giant. The charge on advertising from Sandberg who is listed in the ‘Fortune 50’ as a D.C Powerbroker comes at a time when Facebook’s numbers have swelled to a mind blowing 750m, which represents an advertising bonanza.

Speaking in an interview at the Facebook headquarters where she is seated beside a graffiti style rendering of the co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, the 42 year old says that she believes that every small business should take advantage of the exposure they can get on Facebook. She added that she was not going to stop until they were all using to help their businesses grow.

Facebook will next week be unveiling a plan aimed at getting all small businesses hooked. The company are planning to offer free advertising credits of $50 to 200,000 small businesses. Facebook advertising works on a click system where a set rate is predetermined for each click, for example 5 or 25 cents. Everytime a person clicks on an ad the advertiser is charged the set amount.

Facebook will be picking up the tab for the first $50 worth of clicks on the ads who are part of its offer. While these may seem at first glance like small potatoes, it’s actually the core of a great advertising revenue strategy and could justify an enormous IPO.