Shell seek the answer to the fuel of the future

The world is in a mess; that’s not an exaggeration its a fact of life, and energy for the future is a major concern. We are being told through the media that oil levels are critical and gas deposits are worrying, and future generations may well have a real problem in this area unless something is done about it, and fast. There is a lot going on to try and address this global crisis but few will probably realise that the company at the forefront of this is Shell.

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Yes, that Shell, the petrol station giant. They have employed the latest IT technology to explore the earth to find new sources of energy to ensure that the supply chain doesn’t break down. Using a combination of innovation and expertise, the people at Shell are digging where people have never dug before, and generally making sure no stone is left unturned to make sure future generations don’t run out of fuel.

They have released a fascinating and thought provoking video to highlight the possibilities of working for the oil giant in the exploration work they are doing. This is all being done in the most ethical manner possible to ensure that our planet doesn’t get any more damaged than it is already.

But this video is actually about the use of ultra hi-tech IT engineering to search out new locations for the oil company to test drill for the elusive black gold, which is now being discovered in the most unlikely places.

The video they have released is aimed at pointing out what a vital role IT plays in these new discoveries and that the days when some ‘oil man’ would drill where he ‘felt’ there may be oil are well and truly gone and now science and IT take the guess work out of finding oil deposits.