Shadow business secretary follows US lead with new SME campaign

Chuka Umunna, the shadow business secretary in UK’s Labour party, has decided to create a new campaign called the Small Business Saturday based on a US concept he found while travelling over there. In fact, he has been referred to as a British version of President Obama in that he is constantly bringing in new American style concepts for implementation in UK government life. During his latest trip there he met with a lot of small business owners who actually got to meet the President, and that visit helped transform their business.

The shadow business secretary now want to implement what he saw as part of this fact finding mission and launch the campaign in his native country during the coming months. This phenomenon was popular in the US and credited for bringing in new business to small companies including local shops and firms trying to compete with larger corporations. Thanks to this style and promotions on the show, these stores achieve a better market penetration with innovative concepts.

In the US case, President Obama visited a shop called One More Page in Virginia and sent a tweet to his 27 million followers about the fact that he was in that store. This brought a lot of people to visit this store, not just right at that moment, but throughout the Holidays.

Since that very first even, celebrities joined in the campaign and now Serena Williams, the celebrity tennis player, along with actress Jessica Alba joined the country wide project. Umunna is hoping to replicate this type of campaign here in the UK for local businesses.