Royal Mail under threat from its customers

Argos announced today that they will move away from Royal Mail delivery, if the unions take on a national strike until working conditions are met.

For the time being, the company has already arranged to use rival operators so that its company deliveries would not be affected.

Many other businesses both small and large have made the same move over the disruption that seems to be surrounding the Royal Mail.

In fact, 30 businesses based online, met at the Earl’s Court trade fair in London, and agreed to make the same move, many of which were small businesses.

A Post-Switch consultant from the meeting, Jonathon DeCarteret stated that a good many of the companies did not feel they could trust the Royal Mail service to ensure proper delivery to consumers. He also added that most companies that decide to use an alternate mail service do not return to Royal Mail.

It is not just small businesses that are making the move, but also many of the largest customers of Royal Mail such as charities, banks, and utilities.

Out of 250 businesses that were surveyed by the British Chamber of Commerce, 75% reported they are thinking about switching services.