Ring Back Tone Startup

European Computer Telecoms, or ECT, a well-known vendor of value services in both the multimedia and voice domain, last year launched a great new platform for the use of ring back services with a startup RBT service. They called this product the ECT start-up Ring-back tone and it is specifically geared towards MVNOs and small carriers who wanted to offer ring back tones at a minimum cost and with no time to market.

It is a fixed price out of the box solution that includes installation in the price and offers all the most important features from the already established ECT ring back system. The new solution supports 20,000 subscribers once installed, and could be expanded if needed up to 150,000.

The commercial product manager for Ring back services at ECT, Victor del Razo says that the new platform is perfect for those companies who want to use ring back tones to generate revenue, while at the same time keeping their investment to a minimum until they saw results. He added that once the service had taken off, it offered attractive options for the company to move to the premium ring back solution.

In the months since this solution was launched, it has taken off in a big way and is now one of the best known and reliable start up platforms on the market. It comes with a basic set-up with additional options such as SIP support and redundancy, which can be added at any time once the clients business starts to evolve. All the features in the start-up solution are geared towards generating revenue.

Just like the premium ring back tone solution, the ECT start-up ring back tone supports providers of multiple content, has a content management system which is web based, and offers content provisioning via FTP. It also has the ECT SOAP based API which supports third party or multiple self-run storefronts that includes features like using ring back tones as gifts and copying ting back tones.

Also included is a reporting and statistics module so that clients can keep track of the performances of their ring back tones and thus use the data acquired as a basis for any future marketing strategies.

There is absolutely no difference at the front end between this solution and the Premium service, and users won’t even realise that it is running on a smaller scale. Clients have their personal inbox, are able to assign wildcards and groups, have schedule assignments and also have access to their playlists that are both random and sequential.

ECT delivers this ring back system efficiently and professionally with a set of basic interfaces which can be adapted to any corporate design by the either the client or assigned third party integrators.