Richard Branson says that maybe we should Screw Business as Usual

Richard Branson is an entrepreneur who is arguably the most recognisable businessman in the country, he is also known for his unusual business style and is well known for having always done things differently.

Virgin Unite is his non profit foundation which is working on global leadership issues, and is based around the concept that modern leaders in the business field must put themselves forward as a vehicle for improving the environment and the lives of ordinary people through their regular business activities, and that profit should not be the only aim of a successful business venture.

This book shares his and others’ exciting vision for a new way of doing business, a vision that turns capitalism on its head, which shifts our values from a solely profit focus to a focus on people, communities and the planet. One that reveals how to Screw Business as Usual.

Featured in this book are the stories of some inspiring people who are changing the way business is done. This book is essential reading for anyone starting a business or involved in business who understands that doing good really can be good for your business.

“Over the last few decades as I’ve started up one exciting business after another, I thought that life and work could not get any better. In writing this book, I’ve realised that we’ve really been on a practice run, getting ready for the greatest challenge and opportunity of our lifetime. We’ve got a shot at really pulling together to turn upside down the way we approach the challenges we are facing in the world and look at them in a brand new entrepreneurial way. Never has there been a more exciting time for all of us to explore this great next frontier where the boundaries between work and purpose are merging into one, where doing good, really is good for business.”

In this thought-provoking book, Branson introduces Capitalism 24902 – his philosophy that every single business person has the responsibility to take care of the people and planet that make up our global village, all 24,902 miles of it. Drawing on case studies from his own business experience as well as from pioneering entrepreneurs and companies across the globe, Screw Business As Usual shows how easy it is to embark on a whole new way of doing things, solving major problems and turning our work into something we both love and are proud of.

“I have written this book for the new wave of emerging entrepreneurs as well as existing business people who are transforming their organisations. For those who, at the same time as wanting to develop a business and make a living, are wanting to do more to help people and the planet. It’s a vibrant and definite sea change from the way business was always done, when financial profit was a driving force. Today, people aren’t afraid to say, Screw Business As Usual – and show they mean it.”
A clarion call to anyone in business, Screw Business As Usual demonstrates how doing good can enable businesses to prosper. With an accompanying “Screw Business As Usual” website encouraging feedback and discussion, this stimulating book is a blueprint to help everyone Screw Business As Usual.