Rewarding your best customers – case study of Privilege Car Insurance

Choosing the right car insurance can be hard, which is why it is well worth it to take some time to investigate a company that has a rich history of rewarding and helping its customers so that when the time comes for you to call on your car insurance policy, you know it will be there.

Privilege Car Insurance has a 16 year history, and for the last six years the company has slowly shifted its focus towards giving rewards to careful drivers as a way of saying thank you for taking care.  Those who have not an accident for four years are considered a ‘careful driver’ and as such are eligible for a no claims discount.

After all, if you are not a high incident driver and are attentive on the road, Privilege believes that you should be rewarded for taking care.  Paying too much for car insurance seems absurd for a customer who rarely needs to use it, which is why the safe driving discount system has been the number one reason that many people choose Privilege.

Privilege is well known for its face, Nigel Havers who helped propel the popular car insurance slogan ‘You don’t have to be posh to be privileged’ into day to day vernacular and now the slogan makes up the heart of what Privilege has to offer those who take advantage of its main offering.

The way that the discounts work is simple which makes the car insurance policies very attractive to those who want full coverage without any of the hassle.  Those that have four or more years of on the road experience without any accidents automatically are considered for the no claims discount.

In order to apply for a policy to see a quote, one can simply head to the Privilege car insurance website or call the company by phone.  UK based all the way down to UK call centres, Privilege understands the needs of the modern motorist in the UK and is able to offer services designed to match.

With additional perks such as free breakdown cover, roadside assistance, and an underinsured driver promise; when you sign up for a policy you can design it to meet your needs.  For those who want extended coverage, Privilege also offers plenty of optional extras designed to meet any need you may have.

If you have a loyal customer base, then Privilege may have something to teach you about maintaining and growing your customer loyalty.