Reasons to Use a Franking Machine

The idea of having a franking machine might not fit in with your vision of a modern office workspace. In fact, the very idea sounds like a throwback to an era of manual typewriters and carbon copy paper.

In fact the system of physical mailings is as important as it ever was to the running of many businesses today. Far from the ubiquitous nature of the internet and electronic communications killing it off, ‘snail mail’ continues to play an important role.

Royal Mail in the UK has recently announced record profits and this is in part due to almost half of all daily deliveries now being made up of marketing materials. ‘Direct Marketing’ has also been a great tool for a wide range of business operations and continues to be so today.

The physical aspect of a well designed brochure or promo leaflet still holds sway with many people and branded mailshots can give a business gravitas and a sense of quality.

Of course the mail system has also benefiting from delivering online purchases. The UK makes up 15% of the entire global market for buying things on the internet and they all have to be delivered one way or another.

So it is that for many different operations using physical mail delivers is an important part of daily business and looks like it will continue to grow rather that reduce.

If you have your own franking machine you qualify for discounts on all your postage costs making it an immediately cost effective idea. Franking your mail is also an easy way to project a professionally branded image with customised artwork and logos featuring on all the physical mail you send out.

This also avoids the need for buying pre-printed specialist envelope stock and allows you to use more generic and cheaper packaging materials whilst still gaining a branded look. You can pay for postage credit as and when you need it so there is no huge upfront obligation, meaning mailing campaigns can be undertaken as and when necessary.

Postage discounts for franked mail are applied per item, so you qualify for discounts on your post regardless of how many items you send, and with no restrictions on minimum or maximum postage volumes franking can be as useful to a small business or sole trader as it is to a multinational company or government department.

So far from being a relic from a different age, a franking machine can be an important part of the equipment arsenal for a modern business.