RBS and NatWest increase help for SME’s

RBS and NatWest are taking new measures to increase the support they are able to offer their million customers by introducing a new customer charter for SMEs.

The new charter will not only offer support to businesses, but also will help extend the initiatives that are available now to help customers grow their businesses as well as sustain them.

Chairman of the Small Business department Peter Ibbetson said that over the past year they have been hard at work listening to what customers want and are going through, so that they could develop initiatives that will make an impact and help guide customers through the recession.

The new charters are created to be aligned with customer needs and as part of a wider commitment they hope to increase their transparency and openness.

To fulfil these goals key industry bodies and customers will be consulted on within the charter and any issues that come up along the way will be immediately addressed.  The progress of each of these commitments will be kept track of regularly.

Over the past twelve months RBS and NatWest have already implemented several new initiatives that have successfully helped businesses trade even in the midst of the recession’s fallout.

They also proved their commitment during the first few months of the credit crisis when they were the first companies to offer both a price promise and overdraft protection to abet the fears of businesses that their credit would be affected.