Properties of London’s rich and famous

Whether you’re an architectural expert and local historian or just a bit curious, something we can all agree on is that there’s something fascinating about other people’s houses. While this is true most of the time, it is particularly true when those houses are in some way unusual, spectacular or expensive.

Based on this fact, it’s no surprise that many of us take a keen interest in the homes of celebrities. While the world’s most glamorous celebrity neighbours are still undoubtedly dotted around the Hollywood Hills, the UK capital has more than its fair share of homes for the rich and famous. Here, we take a closer look.
Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
Chelsea’s Cheyne Walk is one of the best-known streets when it comes to celebrity homes. The prestigious West London waterfront street may be relatively small, but it has homes of some of the world’s biggest stars over the past few centuries.

Early residents included authors George Eliot and Henry James. More recently, the street has welcomed Rolling Stones Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Russian oligarch and owner of Chelsea FC, Roman Abramovich, has become one of the most recent property owners on the street. Controversial as ever, Abramovich was quick to attain planning permission to carry out major works on his waterfront property.
Brad and Angelina
Looking for somewhere to call home while filming in the UK, Brad Pitt fell in love with a humble mansion in London’s Richmond. After renting the property for a reported £30,000 a month, Brad and his wife Angelina settled on buying the mansion for a cool £10 million. Most of us would need to consider Auction property finance before making such a bid.

In addition to its elephant-shaped hedges which sit in the property’s front, Whornes Place also boasts an indoor pool and a healthy dose of 15th century features on the inside.
London’s most expensive
There may be more than a handful of expensive celebrity homes scattered around the capital but the city’s most expensive properties tend to have an air of mystery surrounding them. The vast number of multi-million pound properties in the capital may be interesting, but another tier of property does exist.

£250 million was the price tag of a property recently highlighted as being amongst the city’s most expensive. The mansion – at 18 Carlton House Terrace – is within spitting distance of Buckingham Palace and comes in at 50,000 sq ft.