Promotional items suitable for salespeople

Sales people are always looking for ways to improve their relations with buyers as well as looking for opportunities to convert sales leads. Promotional items can be used to help!

One of the best things about distributing promotional items – whether it’s a tin of toffees, lanyards or a set of pencils – is that they provide long-term exposure of your brand to customers, namely as they can be used repeatedly over a period of several weeks, months and even years. Indeed, research by the British Promotional Merchandise Association shows that 87 per cent of people claim to have kept hold of a promotional gift for more than 12 months.

Recipients of promotional products tend to keep them and, more importantly, use them if they find the products useful. Consider which products would be useful for your sales team to distribute to new or existing customers. It may be specific – printed keyrings for a car dealer or sport bottles for sporty types. Alternatively, you could opt for promotional items that have universal appeal. One key consideration, particularly for sales people that visit client premises around the UK, is that the merchandise should be portable. Although the following are small in size, the potential impact they can have on prospective clients could be huge.

Writing pads and folders

Folders and writing pads are both portable and have universal appeal. Not only do these provide a handy means to jot down notes during the sales meeting, but clients can also use them after the meeting to take phone messages, plan their working day and write reminders.

Some pads and folders come with space to insert a business card – why not use this space for the sales person’s business card – so that the customer can get in touch directly with the sales person if they have any queries after the meeting.

Reusable cotton shopping bags

During a sales meeting or pitch, the sales person may distribute a range of marketing literature and other information – such as brochures, product samples and business cards. Although this information may play a vital role in closing the deal, you don’t want would-be customers to feel overburdened. Giving out a promotional cotton bag, however, allows marketing materials to be kept together – thus preventing anything valuable from getting lost – and transported around easily. As these bags can be neatly folded or rolled up, your sales team should find that they can easily slip these bags into their briefcase before heading out to a meeting.

What’s more, if the client decides to reuse the bag in the office or at home, they’ll effectively become a walking billboard for your company as your brand, logo and contact details will be visibly displayed to all those who see it.

Keep your brand visible

Whatever you want your sales team to hand out at meetings, make sure your firm’s logo and contact details are prominently displayed on your promotional items.

Not only will this give your customers a visible reminder about your business, but, in the event they decide they want to buy your products and/or services and want to get in touch, they know exactly what number to call!

Have you given promotional items to your sales staff before? If so, leave a comment and let us know what experiences you’ve had!