Project launched to make government green deal initiative more accessible to SMEs

A project is currently being launched by Parity Projects and it is designed to help make the governments ‘green deal’ initiative more available to smaller businesses. Many SMEs have voiced concerns that they are going to be left out of the major benefits of the green deal and it is hope that this new project is going to give them easier access to the benefits that are a part of the scheme.

The initiative already has significant backing from SMEs in the UK and it is widely expected that the project is going to be owned by those who support it. Currently around 10,000 smaller businesses in the country have announced their support. Various trade organisations and professional institutions have also allied themselves to the project and voiced support for it.

The idea behind the project is that all involved are going to remain as individual organisations but they are going to work with each other to benefit from the deal. Any business that wants to take part in the project is going to have to meet all of the requirements that are already in existence for the green deal.

The name of the project is The Conduit and it has already seen particular interest from the construction industry with over 200 small companies signing up. There has also been support from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the head of external affairs at the group, Anna Scott-Marshall has commented, “It is important that the green deal is made a possibility for businesses of every size, not just the big ones.

“Making the green deal accessible for small businesses is an essential step in making the homes in this country more environmentally friendly. It is essentially that the market remains competitive and one of the best ways to do this is make the deal accessible to all.”