Post Office changes would mean business

In an age where the post office is quickly being replaced by digital mail, the Federation of Small Businesses has proposed that post offices should be transformed into business hubs so that they do not disappear in the near future.

The FSB says that small firms use PO’s on a regular basis and they should receive better service than the PO s are able to provide at the moment.

It proposes that each PO should have a business desk that has staff trained to specifically offer advice on insurance, government services, banking, and the best way to send and receive parcels.

They also have requested that a Business Link service should be placed in each PO that can give out advice one-on-one the same way that mortgage advisors would, new advertising services, financial services, and the addition of meeting room facilities to aid small start up businesses as they get going.

In summary, the FSB is looking at Post Office locations as the perfect way to build a tangible social network out in the real world.

The FSB says that Post Offices at the core of many communities because not only do they collect letters and parcels, but they also are a great place for small businesses to get together and network. He added that at the moment there is no operational service that meets their needs however.

Turning post offices into the newly envisioned small business hubs will not only preserve post offices but will help sustain the local communities and encourage the growth of small businesses.