PM goes back on promise of premises for SMEs

Exactly a year ago, David Cameron proclaimed that 300 properties owned by the Government would be allocated to small businesses, but not even one was rented out.

Prime Minister David Cameron announced in January 2012 that the Government plans to allocate their properties for the use of small businesses to help them develop their businesses in a shorter period. To everyone’s surprise, recent research has found that not even one out of the promised 300 properties dedicated to aid small businesses were rented out.

Back in August 2012, the Public Accounts Committee otherwise known as PAC, found that out of the 300 properties of the Government, only 24 were highlighted as properties that can be rented by small businesses.

Now it’s January 2013, five months after the PAC identified the 24 government-owned properties to help small businesses but still these properties are not occupied by small businesses. Great Grimsby’s Labour MP, Austin Mitchell was not ‘surprised’ with the Government’s lack of action. He said that the Government has a habit of disregarding its promises to the people.

Meg Hillier, a reputed member of PAC has now forwarded this issue to the Secretary of the Treasury following the results on the research. Ms. Hillier highlighted that there are a lot of technology related businesses that are in dire need of spaces to operate properly.

The Cabinet Office has spoken through its spokesperson that the Government is doing everything legally possible to carry out their promise for small and medium-sized enterprises to grow quicker. The spokesperson added that several branches of the Government have seen possible locations for these SMEs.

This indeed is a problem that the Government needs to sort out as soon as possible as a lot of SMEs are having a hard time looking for spaces for them to operate effectively.