Philips want ideas about hear how cities can be improved

A huge percentage of the world’s population lives in cities large and small; most people love the city they live in, especially if they were raised there and have that special affinity that only comes with a long-term association with a city.

Most people thrive on the diversity offered in almost every big urbanization, there are endless entertainment opportunities, huge selections of places to eat, and just about every activity imaginable is available in most cities of any size.

But now the Philips Livable Cities Award is trying to find people who want to improve their city, inhabitants who are conscious that a city needs to offer much more in many aspects of life in order to become far more user-friendly towards the people that live there.

Philips wants to hear regular people’s opinions about their city and what can be done to improve the liveability and enjoyment for everyone who lives there. They are offering three grants for the right ideas that will help to improve the way people live in our conurbations.

The three grants available from the Philips Livable Cities Award total €125,000 and are aimed at making ordinary people’s ideas become a reality in their city.

If you have your own ideas about what would make your city more lovable and liveable click here to find out more.