‘Paying’ it Safe

In a world where fraud is rife it certainly pays to take the right precautions when you are making personal or business purchases, especially online. Online banking services take this particularly seriously, which means we have to input a variety of codes and passwords in order to retrieve our account details, but being safe comes at the cost of convenience. There are those who will only make purchases from reputable online brands which is why more companies are looking to integrate a payment service which will ease customer concerns.

There are various online payment services such as Paypal, Skrill (formerly Moneybookers) and WorldPay which can be integrated with online checkout services and offer customers peace of mind. Those organisations have a variety of anti-fraud protection services making it easier to report an issue and reclaim money, albeit within a certain timeframe. These services provide backup when purchasing from some lesser known online businesses and large user based consumer-to-consumer auction and shopping sites such as Ebay.

Of course diligence can save you a lot of heartache and stress on its own, if some offers seem too good to be true then often that is the case, especially where sites such as Ebay are concerned. To be fair to Ebay they do provide things such as ‘user feeback’ which helps people understand if that person is reliable enough to buy from (from experience this is a pretty good judge too).

While some may still be fearful of inputting card details across numerous sites the figures spent online are on the rise. According the Guardian, Britain spent £31.5bn online during the first six months of 2011, while in the US they recorded $18.7bn in online sales during the 2011 ‘holiday season’ alone. The constant rise in these figures is certainly aided by being able to send money cheap and fast with Paypal and other reputable payment services.

As more and more people become computer savvy the rise of internet purchases will continue to boom here in the UK and the rest of the world. The internet is today’s market place where all services and goods are on offer, at mostly better value than out in the high street too. The sad part to this is that fraud will likely evolve and adapt to new and improved safety methods with the aim of prying money from innocent people, but as mentioned before your own common sense and diligence should save you from most pitfalls.