On the brink with the European Social Fund

It is easy to feel as if the ground is about to disappear from underneath your feet if you are facing the unemployment battle that is taking place on the streets of Europe right now because with the shaky banking situation, the credit crunch, the poor housing market, and the poor employment market it can easily look as if there is no answer in sight.  This emotion is captured perfectly in a new online advert by the European Social Fund that aims to show the disillusionment that many people are feeling and the fact that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

In the new advert a woman is running through the streets of a deserted town along with dozens of others as buildings break, the foundation of the earth cracks and gray skies follow her path to the sounds of music that could be right out of the movie 2012.  Towards the end the earth cracks open and she teeters hopelessly on her heels as the words ‘is this the end’ flutter along the bottom of the screen leaving the viewer feeling as if her ending is already written.

However, once the viewer hits the ‘click here’ the button to see if this really is the end or not they are treated to a little ray of hope as the lady is able to pull herself back up to a better tomorrow, which is what the ESF has helped thousands of people who need aid to do.

Designed with the purpose of helping those who need it get the education or training or they need to get back into the competitive workplace, the ESF has helped thousands of people find hope in a place where previously there was none, making it something to check out in today’s economic climate for those who also feel as if they are on the brink.