Office space options for SMEs

If you’re starting up in business or already own a growing venture then office space is always an area where it’s possible to get a better deal, just as long as you know where to look. Thanks to the internet, it’s now quick and easy to use a comparison website in much the same way as you’d go hunting for broadband or mobile phone deals.
What’s on offer?
If you use the services of an online comparison website to look for desk or office space you’ll immediately find that the best thing about it is convenience. Since the recession has been rolling on many existing businesses are looking for ways to maximise the spare space they have available, so it’s very likely that you’ll be able to get something at a great price.

When it comes to the options on offer then there is a wealth of locations and office types to choose from. What’s more, you’ll find that it’s possible to rent everything from a single desk in a shared office right up to renting whole offices. The desk option is a great idea for any one-man band operations or for people who don’t want to work from home.

In addition, by renting a desk in an existing office block you’ll probably get an instantly credible postal address and a possible location in the centre of a town or city. Business parks also have these options available too and generally speaking even the most rudimentary desk space rental will come with the likes of broadband and utilities included. These deals can be cheap and flexible, so if
you’re working to a tight budget then they’re worth investigating.
Bigger and better
If your business is on the up and you need to expand more than that then think about searching deals on shared offices or serviced offices. The serviced route means that you’ll get a lot more included.

This could add on things like receptionists, post and IT services. Again, the benefit of going down this route is that the deals will invariably be highly flexible. You’ll probably be able to move in almost instantly and costs are generally included in one simple bill.

Leased space is another option to look at if your business requires offices that can be tailored to suit your branding and the lease will probably allow you to make amendments to thing’s like the décor and furniture. Costs might be higher and you’ll probably have to sign up for a longer contract while you’ll also have to return the office to its original décor when you move out.

Nevertheless, this is a good concept if you have a venture that needs to expand beyond the confines of your current office setup.

About the author: Rob Clymo writes on behalf of Office Genie, the UK’s first proper online marketplace for desk space and shared office space.