Number of SMEs rising all the time

As the economic situation around the world changes, it appears that small businesses are becoming the norm according to the latest annual survey conducted across Britain. The small business study revealed that the amount of companies that employ 9 people or less has grown significantly, and now stands at a surprising 4.5 million.

Their stake in the annual commerce is £600 billion, which makes them a much bigger player than ever before. These small businesses are popping up everywhere and replacing the large, traditional corporations that used to dominate the English landscape.

One of the immediate reasons that can be attributed to such a change is the tough economic situation, where jobs are harder to find, and many people decide to start their own businesses instead, doing their own work and creating their own jobs.

This can be both positive and negative however as on the one hand, these jobs do not provide the kind of long standing benefits that large corporations used to offer, and can be more at risk. However, it seems like small businesses can be more agile, with a recent survey showing that 81% of small businesses have a web site to take advantage of digital sales.

Right now, many markets are highly competitive, and these new small businesses have a hard time in front of them as they fight for control over an ever shrinking piece of the pie.

Right now, the Internet provides an interesting landscape, but many of the sites run by these businesses are not sufficient, and do not manage to rank above the big, well known brands. The end result of poorly designed sites or insufficient marketing efforts end up leaving the small businesses at the bottom of the Google rankings.