Newcastle Business Village in Benton Newcastle

A husband and wife team on North Tyneside have recognised the need for ad hoc workspace for budding entrepreneurs. Helen and Mark Reed, who founded the Newcastle Business Village in Benton, Newcastle in 2009 have just opened the latest development on the village. The Newcastle Business Hub offers flexible office and meeting space for those who don’t have premises of their own.

Helen Reed spoke about the hub, saying that it offered invaluable assistance to those looking to start up a business or run a home based business. They had discovered just how many professionals in North Tyneside were trying to go it alone, and tailored the new business hub to make life easier for them. The hub was officially opened by the mayor of North Tyneside Linda Arkley, who said this kind of centre was vital for fledgling businesses.

She said that there would be times that those who operated from home full-time would benefit from the chance to socialise and meet fellow professional. It also offers the use of traditional office space should they need it. Mayor Arkley went on to at that there was an increasing number of small businesses across Tyneside who were at the stage where they didn’t need permanent office space but would benefit from access to it should they need it.

A former director of the Mills Group, John Porret, is running his ‘Unique Magazines’ subscriptions business from the village and has nothing but praise for it. He started with 4 people in one office 18 months ago, now to the growth in his business, the village has supported the expansion and he has doubled his staff, workshop, office and warehousing space.