New site helps businesses Love Apprenticeships

In 2012, businesses are being encouraged to ‘Love Apprenticeships’ as Lantra, the sector skills council or environmental and land based industries have launched a new, free website that puts employers in touch with eager learners, this allowing them to bring an apprentice into their company.

Hiring apprentices is a great way of breathing new life into business, as you get to train them from scratch, ensuring they don’t pick up any bad habits and develop the company’s ethics. The research carried out by highlights the impact they can have on a business.

• 72% of businesses who currently employ apprentices say they made a positive contribution during the recession
• 80% of employers who employ apprentices agree they make the workplace more productive
• 81% of consumers favour using a company which takes on apprentices
• 88% of apprentice employers believe that Apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce
• 94% of consumers think that it is important for companies to take on apprentices during today’s economic recovery.

To help show businesses why they should get involved with this programme, Lantra has created special guidance at These webpages have a unique match-making service where businesses can find training providers that will be able to help the get started.

In addition to linking businesses with training providers, Lantra’s specialist Apprenticeship website also has a host of tailored tools, such as factsheets, case studies and a special Apprenticeship issue of Connect Magazine, all of which are free to read and download. In addition, visitors can review Apprenticeship frameworks and find out how to take part in consultations.

Liz Pridgeon, Lantra’s Head of Qualifications and Curriculum Development said: “Over the past few years there has been increased support from the Government for Apprenticeships, publically emphasizing the positive impact they will have on rebuilding the economy, while providing a valuable entry route into employment—a real option for learners and a real benefit for the business.”

Find out why businesses should ‘Love Apprentices’ and get started with this programme by visiting