New communications tools available to SMEs

In the modern era in which businesses need to be connected and on at all times, solutions to business communication such as the Hosted Exchange allow companies to respond to customers at any time of the day.

Cloud computing firm Outsourcery, has changed the way that business communications occur as it is the first UK company that can offer smaller organizations a free email service.  It also has helped SMEs by making large communication tools accessible and affordable for them, such as tasks and calendars.  These perks are offered for free over a twelve month period, with the contract of another hosted service from the company.

In the past, these features and security options were only available to six figure IT budget corporations, but now Outsourcery has allowed smaller businesses to get involved, which is changing the market place dramatically.

Given the fact that the recession has driven more people to start building their own businesses, the demand for these types of tools is only increasing according to research from the BBA (British Banker’s Association).

This new cloud technology not only helps SMEs survive in the new tough market, but it also eliminates the need for Exchange Servers to be hosted in house without sacrificing productivity of communications.

Outside of free business email, Outsourcery, is also able to offer businesses four months of free access to the business communication service from Microsoft, Office Communicator.  This product allows businesses of all sizes to use Outlook and communicate as an organization.