New book published ‘Thrive – Surviving in a Corporate Jungle’

British author Mark Barnes has released a new book Thrive – Surviving in a Corporate Jungle this is his fresh, “light-hearted and unconventional take on the corporate world”. Now available online in paperback (£7.99) or in digital editions (£4.99), Thrive presents a humorous, engaging and insightful vision of the corporate world, enlightening fledglings and veterans of the many strategies required for them to stay one step ahead in this most challenging environment.

Mark’s consulting background has ranged from small start-ups to global investment banks and household software companies, across various industries and continents. This extensive corporate experience has enabled Mark to produce a book that uses the jungle as an analogy for the world of business, with the creatures therein every bit as dangerous as the tropical habitat. Colleagues are transformed into animals, and business situations are illustrated in the context of ‘rules of the jungle’.

Thrive distils actual scenarios and individuals into fictional counterparts, ensuring that although the book heralds a new approach to looking at business, it is grounded in reality rather than theoretical or academic situations.

The book introduces readers to the jungle via specific topics and enables them to navigate their way through with ease, optimising what they are able to gain from Mark’s varied experiences. Chapters entitled ‘Exploring the Jungle’, ‘Surviving the Jungle’ and ‘Corporate Ecosystems’ outline this Amazonian arena on multiple levels, to be enjoyed in equal measure by industry newcomers and those well versed in agile terminology. Strategies are introduced throughout to enable employees and entrepreneurs alike to adjust to the on-going demands of business.

The section entitled ‘Corporate Animals’ breaks down roles and personality types into often hilarious anthropomorphic characters, serving as archetypes for prominent business personas, from supremely-focused birds of prey to big cats who enjoy the thrill of the chase but lack stamina, and highly intelligent yet often mocked primates to snakes who wither at the hint of confrontation.

“I have spent many years in the corporate world and my experiences ignited my desire to write a book,” Mark explains. “I find that most books focusing on this subject tend to be stuffy and formulaic, but I wanted to write a more accessible volume which would be equally informative and entertaining. Because the situations are instantly recognisable, hopefully readers might at least smile the next time they encounter them in real life.”

“The expression ‘corporate jungle’ has been bandied around for ages and when I really thought about what it meant, I found this whole world coming to life. We expect humans to always behave logically and often they don’t. It’s therefore useful for readers to think of themselves and their counterparts in terms of their animal instincts; whether they feel like a proud lion or a slimy snake, and what traits they might be able to borrow from other animal archetypes in order to thrive in the business world.”

This fun and fresh approach to corporate life encourages readers to understand and adapt their own behaviours. Furthermore, those familiar with agile terminology will enjoy an extra level of dark humour hidden within Mark’s witty narrative. Thrive is vibrantly illustrated by Greg Clifton, whose artwork not only brings Mark’s words to life, but also tells its own story.

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