New Book My New Business – A busy woman’s guide to start-up success

There are now over 1.5 million self-employed women in the UK*, accounting for more than half of the newly self-employed since the economic downturn. For a large percentage of these women, the main driver for starting a business isn’t to be a hotshot entrepreneur, nor is it because they have an innovative idea, but it is simply to achieve a different work life, with freedom and flexibility to take control of how they spend their life. A new book, My New Business, is due to be published to reveal the secrets of how women can not only start the business of their dreams, but also successfully run it in conjunction with what they want to do with their lives.

The author, Wendy Kerr, is passionate about changing the way work works. She has spent a 20-year career launching and building new businesses around the world, having started a digital business in London and expanded it to three offices around the world, managed through the dot-com crash leading the personal finance section back to profitability and started a share trading site which raised $70million when it was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Her consultancy, Corporate Crossovers, provides women with the structure, tools, processes and one-to-one mentoring they need to successfully start their own business, and has already helped over 1,500 women live a lifestyle they love.

Unlike many business books, My New Business brings business planning to life in an easy and approachable manner, guiding the reader through the process step-by-step and using real life example to illustrate the key learnings and bring planning to life rather than focusing on dry facts and figures. It features handy downloadable tools, worksheets and thought-provoking exercises that will help readers on every step of their new business journey, from deciding if self-employment is really right for them, understanding market conditions, all the way through to the important details of how the business will run day-to-day. It provides practical advice on tackling the sometimes scary parts of running a business, like financial planning and finding the necessary funding, with a special chapter on how to juggle running a business and motherhood.

For My New Business, Kerr interviewed 300 women who have started their own business and it revealed some fascinating statistics and insights. For example, 68% were earning less from their own business than their last job, but more than two-thirds would not return to corporate life even for more money. My New Business helps women make the plan before they hit send on their resignation email, to ensure their new business idea gives them the lifestyle they want and a better financial future.

Wendy Kerr is an experienced and engaging speaker and is available for interview, comment and by-lined articles on a number of women-in-business topics, such as:

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My New Business: A busy woman’s guide to start-up success by Wendy Kerr is due to be published by Pearson in October, priced £14.99.