National Barometer records rise in SME orders for the past 6 months

The National Barometer, issued by the Manufacturing Advisory Service, has recently conducted a survey of small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK which has shown that over 50 percent of them have seen a rise in orders in recent months. The survey also highlighted that businesses are generally optimistic about the status of orders and that by the end of 2012, around 50 percent are also expecting to see a further increase in orders.

This is very good news for the job sector as over 30 percent of companies have said that because of the increase in orders they expect to be able to create new jobs in the future. As well as employing more people, the export scene is going to improve as over 70 percent of businesses have said that they are going to look at exporting goods in the next year and a half.

Compared to the figures that were released by the same survey in May, things are not quite as optimistic as before. In May there was a higher growth figure of 60 percent, around 10 percent higher than the statistics now. Furthermore, 40 percent of businesses were expecting that they would employ more people, which again is 10 percent higher than the figure that is seen in this latest survey.

The business minister, Mark Prisk recently stated, “It is good to see that manufacturing firms do continue to grow despite the very challenging economic environment. The government has a constant commitment to helping manufacturers and encouraging them to employ more people. Job creation is a priority of this government and we are pleased to see action being taken in the manufacturing sector.”