National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers wants to help SMEs

The National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers is headed by Adam Tyler and he has recently commented, “Our association has recently undergone a re-branding exercise and it goes to show how important we can be in helping small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK secure funding. Recent financial events have meant that it is particularly hard for small businesses to get funding and we are hoping to alleviate the situation.”

George Osborne has recently announced that credit will be eased by £40 billion in order to help the finances of small businesses. Mr Tyler has commented about the associations plans for the future saying, “We have a great many events and new initiatives planned for 2012 and we will be introducing an exam, which is backed by the government, that will raise awareness of commercial finance in people aged between 16 and 19.

“We had a great deal of success this year raising money for Breast Cancer Care and we are hoping we will have new charitable initiatives in this coming year. The dinner we held for the cancer charity raised over £6000 and was attended by over 500 people. We are very grateful to our sponsor and all those who came to the event.”