More Balls than Most By Lara Morgan

Juggle your way to success with proven company shortcuts

By Lara Morgan
Published by Infinite Ideas on 17th June 2011

ISBN: 978-1906821-73-9
Paperback £12.99

This tale of how Lara Morgan climbed the top of the tree should be an inspiration to budding entrepreneur.  Her energy and sheer saw her start a business from scratch and turn it into a hugely successful enterprise. This book details how she did it and should be an essential guidebook for all those with the courage and vision to do the same.

Lara Morgan is a dynamic, if unorthodox, businesswoman. She is sharing the secrets of how she created a globally recognised business which she then sold for $20m. This straight talking and highly inspirational book if full of tips on how to turn a fledgling business into a global concern and optimise sales. For young entrepreneurs looking to follow in her footsteps there is much practical advice and guidance.

More Balls than Most is the story of ‘Pacific Direct’. A cottage industry that, due to Lara’s drive and vision, became an international supplier of amenities to renowned hotels across the globe. At the age of 23 she sold a miniature sewing kit on the front steps of London’s Dorchester hotel. Just under 20 later the brand name of ‘Pacific Direct’ were on bars of soap and other items in hotels around the world.

In More Balls than Most Lara charts the outrageous highs and lows of starting up a business from scratch and the many obstacles there are to overcome. Sticking to her mantra of never being afraid to ask, or to make mistakes, she describes how through sheer hard graft and with a seemingly inexhaustible energy, she acquired the knowledge and skills to become the hugely successful CEO of one of the UK’s fastest growing companies and shares the lessons she has learnt along the way.

More Balls than Most covers every aspect of building a profitable business, from learning to display the confidence needed to make those vital first contacts to implementing the creative decisions that will set your business apart from the rest to developing a company culture that will maintain momentum and deliver growth.  Each chapter includes  ‘Lara’s Laws’ – practical guidelines that will steer you through the challenges a growing company will face, as well as ‘Company Shortcuts’ – invaluable business models for managing and monitoring your progress.

Now more than ever, Lara argues, it is the ‘small, fleet of foot, flexible business models that will be first to markets, while the big boys flounder’.  More Balls than Most shares the story of her extraordinary and exhilarating journey to success.

·         Developing a positive culture

·         The Seven Steps of the Sale

·         5-star customer performance standards

·         Cut once and cut deep: the tough times

·         Client wins – ideas for reaching the impossible to reach

·         20 ways to motivate your staff without paying them more