More and more SME’s turn to outsourcing

Outsourcing is quickly becoming a vital strategy for owners of small businesses. According to research, at least half of them believe that an important part in their strategy for growth is regularly outsourcing their work to specialists.

With the ability to call in specialists when and as needed, the known website Survey for Small Businesses saw over 50% of small branches interviewed in Tyne & Wear, and these businesses stated their preference to outsourcing compared to hiring full-time workers.

It showed that in this year, about 45% were determined to do more outsourcing, while a low 21% believed that numbers would stay the same as in 2011. Web developers and computer programmers were the freelancers that were used more commonly, after that were functions in the back office such as accounts, legal, and PA work.

The work showed by freelancers scored a six out of ten and had been rated at very good or high. According to Matt Barrie, the CEO of, the survey given found results that show how important freelancers are in growing and staying competitive.

Small firms such as those in Tyne & Wear, for instance, indicate that any work that can’t be performed in the office are outsourced to specialists. These jobs include offline and online marketing, accounting and financial projects, small IT program production, dynamic e-commerce sites, and other administrative tasks.

Barrie added that these freelancers help in fulfilling any need for output especially when they are not able to find or hire employees readily. Hiring freelancers also entail that only services rendered are paid, instead of paying for employee benefits and other fees.