Microsoft say SMEs are moving to the cloud

Almost 40% of businesses expect within the next three years to be paying for at least one or more cloud services according to a Microsoft report an increase of almost 35% from today’s figures. Results of its 3rd annual study worldwide into how SME’s will utilize cloud services over the term of the next three years. In 16 countries over 3,200 companies that had between two and 250 employees were surveyed.

The use is expected to be a hybrid type environment with the use cloud use for things such as business-class email, accounting and payroll, and collaboration within a number of cloud service SME’s to be paying almost double in most countries over the next years.

The reports findings indicate that businesses will use over three services as compared to less than two now and over 80% of SME’s using a provider with local presence for their cloud services is very important and the larger the business the more likely the expense for cloud service. Over 50% of companies with between 50 and 250 employees will use just under 4 services in the next three years.

The vice president of business channels from Microsoft, Marco Limena says that cloud adoption will be a gradual one and a hybrid model will be used and with an increasing mix between off site and traditional on site infrastructure.

As SME’s existing IT becomes outdated as cloud computing becomes a less ubiquitous practice adoption will grow rapidly. The consideration of delivery, support models and appropriate sales should be thought of by hosting service providers to target larger SME customers that for the most part will be more likely to pay for the cloud services.