Michelin tyres live driving lab

Sitting on the side of the roadway you will likely see hundreds of cars pass by in a day that are fitted with Michelin tyres. Michelin has been a mainstay of European tyre technology for almost a century and the brand is known for creating trustworthy tyres, but creating tyres alone is not enough for Michelin. Now the company is embarking on a new campaign called the Living Total Performance to take their tyres up just one more notch in the never ending innovation of the company. This new initiative is unlike anything attempted by any other brand name in the auto industry.

Michelin has created an actual live driving lab across Europe by placing special monitoring equipment into the cars of 3,000 people spread out across the continent. As these people go about their daily business the company will be recording their driving habits to learn how their customers really drive and what demands are placed on their tyres. The end result will be an overwhelming amount of information about how much daily grind and wear tyres face so that Michelin can create a new model that is designed to meet the actual real needs of drivers in Europe.

As if this was not enough, Michelin is also pledging to make the most out of all of the information they have gained from past, present, and future initiatives by creating the road usage lab. This lab will be a digital hub of information that consists of everything that Michelin has learned over the years. For consumers the results will be a much more road worthy tyre, and it is hard to complain with that type of promise. Check out some of the useful information that has already been gleamed by the brand by looking at the online road usage lab for yourself.