Metrics not Myths

There are areas of advertising that are under more scrutiny than most in the digital age, and those in marketing are being constantly challenged to prove that they are drivers of revenue and not merely a cost centre. A report released at the back end of 2012 revealed that a staggering 73% of company CEO’s thought that marketers lacked business credibility and could not prove that they were generating growth in their business.

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The report also suggests that some of the major issues that CEOs have with the marketers is that they are very quick to jump on the bandwagon when new tools come along, social media for example, but then cannot prove the ROI. They are then said to bombard shareholders with reams of meaningless data  as well as concentrating far too much on the creative or fluffy side and not enough on the science of successful marketing.

Now, however, that could all be changing thanks to Adobe, and their campaign which aims to dispel all the myths that exist in marketing and, with both irony and humour, encourage marketers to go back to basics to a certain extend and focus on the metrics and not the myths. The campaign is also to highlight the benefits of their new Adobe Marketing Cloud service which brings together all the key factors of marketing, such as advertising, analytics, targeting, social etc.

To get the message across, they have released a series of videos illustrating how things stand at the minute and the lengths marketers are going to seek approval. One sees a woman on her psychologists couch  telling him she is uncertain about her marketing campaign. When asked if she thinks it is working she replies she doesn’t know, when asked if she wants it to work she replies yes, the shrink says this is interesting and starts making notes in his book.