What is your marketing getting up to behind you back?

Over the past few months there has been a series of fun yet informative videos from Adobe highlighting the importance of getting your marketing strategy right in order to yield the best results. Marketing is one of those areas that many people think they know enough about, but in truth there are some real problems for those who don’t know as much as they think they do but plough on regardless.

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One of the most common areas where problems can is click marketing. Anyone who shops online will be savvy with this click to buy process whose name describes it to a tee. You see something you like you click on the buy button and its yours, once you’ve paid for it of course. The latest video from Adobe highlights how badly things can go wrong with this kind of marketing, and although artistic licence has been applied, it really shows how this can go awry.

The video starts in an office when two marketing executives who are getting very excited by the volume of click to buys for their product. They rush into the bosses’ office with the figures and this triggers off a mad chain of events. A factory comes to life, trees are felled, ships are seen loaded up and ultimately we see dozens of encyclopaedia’s being packaged for sale.

Everything seems to be going great until the very end of the video where we see a family relaxing and the baby, amusing itself on a laptop, is happily clicking over and over again to buy these encyclopaedias with his parent oblivious. What this illustrates is how easily this method of selling can be abused, and every business should take heed of what their marketing is actually doing, and make it work for them rather than against them.