Manufacturing Advisory Service will assist SMEs

Mark Prisk, the business minister for the UK has said that a Manufacturing Advisory Service will be helping small and medium-size enterprises who are involved in manufacturing to grow. The statement has said that this service will help create around £1.5 billion in economic growth. It is hoped that this expansion will protect 50,000 jobs and create another 23,000.

The consortium will be responsible for creating business growth through technical and strategic support the smaller enterprises. They will focus on developing the manufacturing techniques of these companies and working with manufacturers to establish global supply chains. They will also encourage these businesses to provide apprenticeships, around 1250 each year.

This was something that was previously provided through the Regional Development Agencies. The new service is expected to provide four times the return that this previous agency provided. The consortium is made up of WM Manufacturing, Grant Thornton, Pera and SWMAS.

There will be a base of knowledge provided online, by experienced advisers from around the country. Above this there will also be the opportunity for businesses to have one day specialist visit who will perform a diagnostic review. There will also be networking and training events organised by the consortium as well as best practice visits.

The service will not just be providing advice will also offer funding for certain activities. £1000 will be offered for improvement projects and will be offered to companies who require help at a low level. For those who want to pursue a more significant improvement then £3000 is on offer. The most radical change is an entire move of strategic direction, for this funding of £10,000 is available.

The consortium will help smaller companies build better relationships and help them become more efficient. There will also be assistance to help them break into more diverse manufacturing supply chains.