Managers do not understand the risks of working alone

A survey conducted by the NHS revealed that only 50% of business managers actually comprehend the legislation in place that defines industry standards and the general non-compliance rules that can impact a business.

Other key findings in the survey show that managers do not understand how to design a lone worker solution.

The survey took place in Scotland and was commissioned by Argyll in line with the 4th annual General Services Association conference that was held in Edinburgh on June 14th.

The GSA is made up of multiple agencies including members that are from social care, health, and education settings that all take placed in the private, voluntary, and public sectors.  The aim of the Association is to bring members together to develop an international and national network of support, information, and guidance while promoting the best practice when dealing with violence prevention.

The survey was conducted in order to help Argyll comprehend the real risks of working alone and the current protection methods that are in place within the NHS in Scotland along with the Local Authority and Housing Association sectors.

CEO of Argyll, Tom Morton, stated that there are technologies on the market that can help minimize the risks of working alone.  He stated that there are many effective and cost effective technical solutions out there but warned that the Internet is offering many options that can be confusing and may not meet the compliance requirements of the government.