Making Online Publishing Work for You

Online publishing has been around for a decade, since people first started putting their text files on the Internet to share. Of course, publisher software has come a long way since then, and digital magazine versions are now increasingly sophisticated.

If you’ve not considered the advantages of online publishing, or thought about using self publishing software to create an online magazine, book or other product, including music and images, now could be the time to consider doing so.

Digital publishing can help you to reach an almost unlimited global audience. You may well find that, if you also have a printed version, paper magazine subscriptions go up as a result of the increased exposure. A digital magazine gives a reader a chance to view the product in detail before committing to long-term magazine subscriptions.

Digital publishing is also much cheaper, with almost nothing in the way of start-up, type-setting or delivery costs.

Using publishing software to self publish your own digital magazine or other product means deadlines can be self-imposed rather than dictated by printing press or advertising deadlines. If your online magazine does carry adverts, your advertisers will love the extra exposure, and the way your product can potentially reach billions of people much more cheaply than paper magazine subscriptions.

Unlike bookshops or newsagents’, the Internet is always open for business, with people able to view the digital magazine of their choice whenever they like.

If you thought self publishing a digital magazine or book using publisher software required vast amounts of technical expertise, think again. Modern publishing software makes it easier than ever to experiment, and the room for creativity is just about endless. Digital publishing also means there is never really a final version of your digital magazine, since you can use the publishing software to change your online magazine as often as you want.

Publisher software also allows you to control administration and all costings electronically, saving you time and money. At the same time, publishing software means you can track crucial reader statistics and see exactly how your readers are behaving at the push of a few buttons.

The other thing about digital publishing, whether you’re self publishing a digital magazine, a web-based novel or anything else, is that it’s the environmentally friendly option, No paper means no trees are cut down for wood pulp, and no road deliveries, so no carbon emissions from delivery vehicles.

Self publishing online is also great for you readers. Many people just love the chance to be able to enjoy a digital magazine for free. They’ll also love the chance to give you instant feedback on your online magazine or novel, and to interact with each other by discussing your online magazine on one of the many online publishing forums around.

If you’re serious about looking into publisher software, think about Yudu Publishing Pro. This software allows you to self publish an online magazine with your own branding. It includes a system for full and close monitoring of reader behaviour, and a magazine subscriptions management system, among many other features.

Take a closer a look at how digital publishing could transform your product today, and reach a new worldwide audience, by seeing what Yudu Publishing Pro has to offer.