Make your name known with a logo

They say there is no such thing as bad publicity but, to be honest, respected companies would much prefer their name to be recognized for all the right reasons. Word of mouth is a powerful media source of advertising, but there is an even better way of getting your name out there that doesn’t cost thousands like traditional advertising.

By adding your logo to cheap products that you can give away as promos will get your brand seen by hundreds more people than if you were relying on people passing on the word. Promotional products are very much the way to go at the moment, with the country struggling economically and smaller companies simply not having cash to spend on adverts in the press etc.

Water bottles, hats, pens, bags, travel tumblers, visors, you name it and you can add your logo to it, meaning that every time the recipient goes to use it they will see your name. A quick look online will take you into a world of the shiniest and brightest promotional products you will find anywhere in the world. There are new products coming out all the time so your customers will never get bored with the same old promos.

With today’s hectic pace of life most of us have trouble remembering what we were doing 90, or 40 or even 10 days ago, but when your customer pops on their hat, fills their cup or writes with their pen they are immediately transported back to your company and recall the great deals and service they got there. This will generally lead to a return visit, and a new promo item will endear you to them even more.

Most bosses will be buried in their office banging away at their assortment of stress relievers trying to work out how to get ahead of the competition while you, on the other hand, have stopped thinking and are taking action. By buying up a selection of these great items to give away with purchases, you are ensuring that you will be the one place they won’t walk out off and forget all about.

Promo items that kids use are great ideas, as are bags that mom can use or a visor for dad on the golf course. While you competitors have been procrastinating and having numerous brain storming sessions you have taken the bull by the horns and left them all standing. The items are specially selected by expert staff so they have the greatest effect, and the desired results.

As the products constantly evolve to fit in with the latest trends, you are also making sure that the promo won’t be thrown in the trash, or languish in the back of a draw accumulating dust and cobwebs. When you stop and think about it, how often do you notice a logo when someone takes a drink, or walks past carrying a bag? This kind of publicity is priceless, and by getting your logo out there you are going to beat off all competition.