Make it happen with Pete Cohen

Socrates once said that ‘an unexamined life is not worth living,’ which is the main point of a new set of adverts from The Telegraph that aims to help people inspire towards a better future.  Helping to explain how a better future can be reached in this advert is Pete Cohen who explains that in order to get the better life that you dream of you have to ‘make it happen’ which involves deciding what you want and then reaching out and grabbing it by dedicating your efforts towards the change you want in your life.

According to Cohen it is much easier to just stay in one place because there is security in remaining at the same point that one always has, however, there is not much joy in this type of lifestyle as the human experience is meant to be expanded upon.  The brain was created with the capacity to grow and most humans still only use about 10% of its abilities, which means that there is 90% available to really reach out there and accomplish some goals which is what Cohen wants viewers to do after watching his ad spot.

He explains that everyone has problems, which is actually what makes every human similar to the next, but that the way in which people choose to solve their problems is what defines them as people.  He advises that viewers share their problems with friends and family as they reach forward and continue to work towards their goals because in the process they will find that their lives will become much more meaningful, and of course the end result of taking the time to ‘make it happen’ is that you will get what you want instead of dreaming about it.