Low cost cloud technology gives SMEs a chance to stay ahead of the game

A new cloud technology discovered by a firm in the UK is now offering small businesses the opportunity to get on top of the growing costs of business that are threatening the economic recovery in Britain this year. One of the major threats of recovery according to this month’s Federation of Small Business survey is raising overheads and in particular the costs of rent, fuel, and labour costs.

However, Salesorder.com which was founded by Nick Spooner is now offering SMEs a great new package that utilises ‘cloud’ software which can cut down on the amount of time that businesses have to spend on accounting activities, sales, and customer service.

The cloud based solution is available for under £500 and will allow small businesses that have small budgets to see the benefits that come from linking key functions together such as stock management, customer services, sales, accounting, and projects. In addition, it will help SMEs save wasted time since they will no longer have to worry about imputing information into software packages.

Many businesses are already taking advantage of the software and seeing how it has helped increase their productivity in major business areas. CFO from Bracknell, Pete West, stated that his 68 person business has really seen their productivity increase in major areas such as time tracking, order processing, and accounting and they expect to see more benefits as they continue to take advantage of the software.