Loss of MobileFlash support will hurt many SMEs

The recent news that Adobe is ending its support of MobileFlash technology could have a significant impact on the small businesses of the UK. Around one in every four websites for small companies utilises the technology and Adobe’s ending of their support could cost small businesses around half a billion pounds.

The ending of this support is going to have a huge effect on the SME community as many small businesses rely on tablets and mobile phones and a lot of their customers are coming to their website though them.

Chris Winstanley is from BaseKit and he has commented, “Many companies use mobile devices as a way to generate leads. Projections for next year suggest that around 20% of all Internet searches made will be from a mobile device. Basically, this is traffic that small businesses are unable to miss out on.”

Flash is ultimately going to be replaced by the new HTML5 programming language that has many advantages over flash and has none of the drawbacks. Over the next few years Flash will be withdrawn completely from the Internet market and this withdrawal of the mobile support is just the first stage of this process. Companies with a heavy reliance on flash websites are going to face significant costs as they have to phase these out and redesign their website.

Estimates say that around one in every four small business websites in the UK use at least one element of flash. Estimates say that the average cost of upgrading a website to HTML5 will be around £1000. The changeover to HTML5 has long been expected and Apple made the decision to use it back in 2007.