London Corporation offers a share of £13billion pot

Newly formed small and medium sized businesses will be given the chance to tap into the City’s £13billion fortune as part of an ongoing, new campaign which takes off over the next three weeks.

Bosses who run the London Corporation have come up with the idea of putting owners of small and medium sized business enterprises (SME) together with the top men in City firms. The hope is that SME’s will be able to overcome the problems they have had with their City rivals.

Bigwigs who run Corporation of London have spent four years coming up with solutions to help integrate London’s small business with the City giants. They have been concerned at the way SME’s and City businesses have failed to work hand in hand for the mutual benefit of business. The solution, they hope, will be found in the new campaign called Ready to Supply at a cost of £300,000.

They found in the past there has been lack of understanding of complex process issues, and the failure for local businesses to access the City’s supply chain. So it’s hoped bringing the two sides together will help them work as a team like never before.

Stuart Fraser is the man who has been overseeing the project and he hopes the next three weeks will give both small businesses and their City rivals the opportunity to work together for the benefit of not just themselves but also for the local community.