Lloyds TSB Enterprise Awards

At a time when we are constantly being told by the government that SMEs are our future, thousands of businesses a year are still be started up with hype and gusto, but closing down permanently again within a few months. The problem, especially for those run by young people, is that they often do not get the help and guidance they need to make it through that first crucial year and their inexperience wins out in the end.

With this in mind, it is good to know that there are schemes such as the Lloyds Tsb Enterprise Awards that are aimed at young entrepreneurs aged 18 and over who are currently studying at, or have graduated from within the past 5 years, a British university and are the owner or co-owner of a start up business or enterprise that is registered in England, Wales or Scotland.

A short informative video has been released to let everyone know about the Lloyds Tsb Enterprise Awards and, as it tell you at the very beginning, are looking for the business stars of the future by giving them an opportunity to shine. We see past winners talk about their experiences, how they invested the prize money, and the effect that being a winner of one of the awards has had on the growth and success of their company.

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Full details of the awards competition and how to enter can be found by following the link that appears at the end of the video, as well as the prizes listed in full. No young business should turn their back on this type of publicity and funding, and with the entry deadline being the 31st January 2013, you only have about 6 weeks to get your entry in and be in with a chance of making your business the success you always dreamed of.