Living with MSA – Multiple System Atrophy

The series of online videos known as Life Lessons are an amazing insight into real people, just like you, and tell the story of what they are personally experiencing in their lives at this time. They are the result of a partnership between Zurich Insurance and The Guardian and the premise is very simple; memorable moments in a life can be good or bad, and how the people experiencing them, and those around them, can define their future.

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These short snap shots of life are all the more thought provoking due to the fact they are in video form, and we get to know these people and what they are going through, and are able to empathise, or sympathise, or both.

So far, there are 3 videos in this series; the cultural differences between Jasvir and Blanca as they try to make a go of their life together, Oliver and Jen, the young couple saying goodbye to their youth as they prepare for the birth of their first baby and the one this article is concentrating on, the story of Sam and Rhanna.

Rhanna is only a child, but had to grow up before her time when her mum, Sam, was diagnosed with MSA; Multiple System Atrophy. Entitled “Living with MSA; Memories for my daughter, we meet Sam as she is now, in the clutches of the debilitating disorder that will eventually leave her unable to move or speak, and effectively trapped within her own body.

Rhanna tells us of the day her mum told her about the illness, and we see the struggles they go through every day to care for Sam at home.  This is one of the most humbling, thought provoking and moving videos you will ever see, made all the more so because it is real and happening to this family right now.