Lenovo aim to increase market share

The computer manufacturer Lenovo has been increasing its market share internationally for PCs.

The company has also recently stated that they plan to become a significant force in consumer markets, as well as small to medium enterprise markets, in the UK.

In the last month alone, Lenovo have partnered with 100 new companies and it is expected that this number will be growing by around 25 percent in 2012. The announcement has been made by Darren Phelps, who is the channel director in Ireland. He made the remarks at the MicroScope event.

Mr Phelps indicated that he wants to see his company reduce the market share of other vendor’s, he commented, “We need to focus on growing our business and expanding our breadth of reach in the UK.” Lenovo acquired the PC business of IBM back in 2004 and because of this the company has become known for creating high-performance and well built laptops that are popular with companies.

Mr Phelps has commented however, “Our portfolio is evolving so much that people’s perception of our company is going to change. In the past if we had talked about selling computers to small enterprises there would have been seeds of doubt but we’ve realised that by working through resellers, this is a market that we can work well with.”

Mr Phelps also commented about the company’s development of new portable electronic devices saying, “We do not yet consider ultrabooks or tablets to be enough of a volume product for us to fully pursue.

We do think that they are going to play a more important role during this year and at the end of it we will reconsider the options. Our Edge notebook devices are the main ones that we are hoping to sell to the smaller enterprise market as we feel this is the perfect solution for their needs”.