Lack of skills holding back growth

Analysts are suspecting that one of the reasons the economy is failing to grow is because there is a lack of skills in the marketplace. The British Chambers of Commerce have recently said that they would like to expand but have been unable to because there is a lack of skilled labour in the market.

This lack of skills has meant that companies with over 50 employees have been unable to find the right new staff so that they can expand at the level they wish. Many companies are turning to overseas and other markets to find the skills that they require but many regulations are making this challenging and the British Chambers of Commerce have called on the government to introduce measures to alleviate this significant problem.

John Longworth is the director of the BCC and he has said, “The government has to think to the future and realise that some of the largest companies in Britain are the future multinationals of the world. The government have to give these companies the skills they need otherwise they will not be able to expand. Unfortunately, companies have a lack of confidence in the education system and its ability to deliver staff with the skills that they require.”