Keep your Business Safe with the Right Equipment

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The right office equipment can keep important documents and information safe from burglars or fraudsters.

Most people take action to protect their personal identity, but the same precautions are sometimes ignored in a business, often because there are so many people who are involved with sensitive material.

There are some tried and tested products which can help your business store these documents safely, and get rid of the ones you do not want to keep anymore.

Filing Products

Keeping the paper work in your office organised is the most important rule in preventing identity fraud.  If you know where you can find a specific document then you will be able to quickly identify when it goes missing.

The right filing system can keep these documents locked away, as most metal products require a key to open them.

If the documents are not organised it is not always obvious when they go missing, and usually only the person who last had that document can find it.  However, if the document is filed away correctly, then anyone should be able to retrieve it, whether the last person who had it is in the office that day or not.


No office will keep all the pieces of paper and letters that have their details on them filed away.  Even if they are filed for a certain number of years, at some point these become outdated and are no longer needed.

When disposing of any document that has the company’s information on it, like an address, or invoices with bank details included, then they should be shredded to ensure the information does not fall into the wrong hands.

The better the office shredder, the safer the document is to dispose of, there have been cases where fraudsters piece together the shredded paper to gain the information they require, so the finer the shreds, the better.

This is sometimes hard when an office wants to recycle the paper they use.  This can still be achieved as long as the employees in your office remember to shred the paper that has sensitive information before putting it in the recycling bin.  If you have a good quality paper shredder this process is quick and easy and does not take up time in a busy day.