Keep calm; it’s only a corporate retreat

Corporate retreats are well and truly back on the agenda, after years of recession and being frowned upon as decadent jollies in the name of team building. They have a leaner, sharper image these days, with packed agendas and serious goals to achieve.

If you’re planning one and feel like reaching for the tranquilisers, take heart, there are plenty of ways for everyone to really benefit and a chance for relaxation too. In the right environment, a retreat does offer genuine opportunities to get to know your people for real and see them take decisions away from the pressure of your daily deadlines. A business team can build better, more personal, relationships that last beyond the length of the retreat and move onto a new level of cooperation and decision-making.

Retreats may give you great opportunities for recruitment selection, or for promoting your existing staff. You get all the benefits of a better trained, more responsive team and they can go home with a sense of being recognised for who they are and can be rewarded for it too if you choose.

What makes Las Vegas score so highly?

In amongst all the detailed planning you will be looking for a location that offers luxurious accommodation and leisure facilities, but that also goes the extra mile with its business services. Flights going to Las Vegas are your starting point for reaching a great environment that will allow you to get the best out of your staff.

Even the toughest of agendas delivers more results where people have relaxing surroundings with plenty of time to eat, sleep and socialise. Las Vegas is the epitome of an all-year round city and, whatever venue suits your team, you can be sure that there are top-class leisure options right on your doorstep.

A casino experience still ranks as a number one choice for corporate events and you can even have one come to your venue and set up your own bespoke evening if you wish. If not there are event providers who can rise to the challenge of the most exacting customers and deliver live entertainments, sports and challenges for as long or as short a time as you need.

Top venues and activities

Casinos like the ARIA resort top the list for all-round service. 300,000 square feet of meeting facilities and business facilities over three floors make this casino stand out for corporate clients. Work really can be the priority whilst looking forward to some wind-down time that caters for all tastes. With four pools, two restaurants, a spa and salon and its own live show by Cirque de Soleil, everyone will know they’re being treated.

If you don’t need a business venue that includes all this, then it frees you up to sample the rest of the city’s top casinos, including the Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand or Caesar’s Palace, to name just four.

If you have adrenalin junkies in tow why not check out Vegas Tactical Adventures and experience your own Bourne-style fast action thriller.  There are other shooting opportunities, from rifle ranges to stealth exercises, and even hostage simulations.

Nowhere delivers the goods like Las Vegas and your retreat there will go down as company legend with all the best memories for everyone.